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Chilling Before Gumball

In the days leading up to Gumball there is normally quite a bit of organisation to make sure the cars are all finished and everything is ready for the rally, here are a couple of photos from “Around Town” generally getting stuff done.

RMA Track Day at Silverstone

A few weeks back I attended an RMA trackday with Bookatrack to drive one of their Caterhams. I guess this is the start of a bit of insight into some of the other car related activities I get up to. Between 4 of us we hired a caterham to thrash around for the day. One thing that sets RMA apart is their trackday rules are a bit different, you can overtake on either side whenever safe (apparently these definitions are pretty flexible if you’re a racer) and coupled with this people bring pretty serious cars. You can be hard on the brakes and turning in and a radical will ping down the inside and be gone before you can say “downforce”. Our car for the day was a Caterham Superlight R300 on track tyres, these things are actually pretty quick and the impression of speed you get from hammering round just off the ground is pretty awesome. So you think you are putting down a fast lap and suddenly you will get overtaken on the outside by a full on race spec gt3 car..EPIC!



Our car was an SV chassis (the big one) due to having a few giants in our group and for some reason the pedals were set up to make heel and toe absolutely impossible, this really was a pain and took some joy out of driving the car because changing down under hard breaking is pretty brutal on the car and led to a few rear lockups.


Recently Vmax and Autovivendi teamed up to put together an epic day at Bruntingthorpe with the aim of getting the best of the best together. Some absolutely stunning cars turned up to see who was the fastest.


Monaco To London

I recently joined a few cars to drive back from Monaco to London, we had quite a busy schedule so there wasn’t much time to stop and shoot photos but here are a few.

Fighting the Elements (McLaren P1 Shoot)

While I was in Dubai with Team Galag we tried to carve out some time to shoot their epic P1. We were pretty hampered by road closures for the Dubai Grand Tour (Cycling) so the guys at Parc Fermé offered to show us round their great storage facility and also move some cars out of the way so we could shoot out of the sun.


GT3 RS Splash

After seeing a post by Crank and Piston the other day I tried out something i’ve been wanting to do for a while. Thanks Luke Gilbertson Photography for the assistance, everyone around was mightily confused what we were doing..

GT3 RS Splash

Back To Blue

My good friend Shmee150 is selling his R8 at some point so it has gone back to blue for a bit before moving on. We got it together with a blue GT3 RS for a small shoot in London. Here are the 2 shots.

Audi R8 vs GT3 RS

Audi R8 vs GT3 RS

A Visit To Gemballa

On a tour round Europe this summer we dropped into Gemballa to see a bit about what they do and shoot some content. We didn’t really have that much time with the cars but here are a few shots of the McLaren 12C and Porsche 991 911 Carrera S Cab by Gemballa.

Team Galag Tumbler

I realised today that I didn’t actually post the final pictures I shot before leaving Florida. Sadly the car wasn’t quite finished when I left so we couldn’t do shots outside but here it is anyway. What an amazing machine!

Gumball 3000 The Start

So the Gumball 3000 this year kicked off in Copenhagen in the absolute pouring rain. Armed with 2 cameras that are meant to be pretty weather sealed I stood outside in the rain for a few hours to capture the action..turns out they aren’t as weather sealed as I hoped (although this is possibly because they were hanging upside down on my black rapid) and first the 7D stopped working then the 5D finally buckled when I jumped back in the car to head off (with hindsight I should have put it in a plastic bag to stop the condensation forming inside the camera). Anyway they both eventually started working again and here are the pictures.